Big Sur Dreamscapes Cards

12 blank cards, each depicting a different scene from Big Sur.
presented in natural brown box with raffia tie. includes 12 envelopes.
Perfect for any occasion. Makes a great gift.
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Spark your creativity with Linda's mesmerizing meditations.
Original music by Matt Ender.
Creativity Visualizations

Side 1: “FINDING YOUR POWER ANIMAL” In indiginous cultures, a power animal can represent an aspect of yourself that is needed for your development. Discover your personal animal totem in this meditative journey.

Use this meditation to visualize your way to your desires.



Spirit Guides
Audio CD

Side 1: " FIND YOUR SPIRIT GUIDE" Create ritual space and connect with the positive, healing energies of the universe.

Side 2: " SPIRIT GUIDE EXPLORATIONS" Access further connection to your higher self to inspire your daily life.
Great for creativity, relaxation or meditation.


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